We’re so used to freedom of speech being a fundamental right that we forget it’s also vital that some jobs are reserved to people who freely surrender…

January 2023

Politicians struggle to gain a reputation for straight-talking. But whose fault is that?
In its current form, the NHS is in danger of becoming an insoluble problem

October 2022

Once again the financial markets need protecting from their own genius

September 2022

Some would say the accession of the new King has gone without a hitch
Pannick in Downing Street as Boris faces contempt charge

August 2022

Should a life be saved in order to prolong a death?

July 2022

An important decision is being made in a very ham-fisted way

May 2022

One can only hope it is the sound of Waterloo that the players’ unions are hearing.
And the loser is ... someone else

April 2022

Pretty much everyone seems to think the Chancellor’s wife got it wrong. But why?

March 2022

Lawyers are not always as innocent as they might wish us to think they are