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Thanks Simon. I wish sound, succinctly and nicely articulated thoughts like this were commonly seen in debates such as we have just witnessed with the BBC and Lineaker! And, not wishing to overdo my praise and appreciation - which I probably now am doing - that your “Irregular Thoughts” were more regularly and often to be seen in the public square!

You point out the real issue here. Chiefly, Lineaker’s ineptness and are too polite to suggest that his antics are as much to do with curating his social media presence as making public comments about a hugely important social and political issue. Without his “non-political” BBC role I doubt he would have so much of a social media presence and following to curate. Hence the questions you raise about how carefully he should choose his words when doing his curation or social media messaging.

And to be clear, I would not argue that he couldn’t or shouldn’t sound off - with genuine concern as I’m sure he has on this issue - about the massive problems of (illegal) migration. But he didn’t need to compare the Government’s policy with Nazi policies in order to do that.

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Michael, thank you for the kind comment, but I have to disagree with the suggestion that you might have overdone the praise. Keep it coming ... https://youtu.be/6FyvZuFzuxc?t=101

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