Two sides of the same story

A quick postscript to the fairy tale

I don’t normally write about the same topic in successive posts, so I’ll keep this really brief.

Looking back at the momentum flow on Saturday night, one can see what a dominant force Emma Raducanu became as the match progressed. The first eight games were tied at four-all. But the remaining 11 games split 8-3 to Raducanu (73% to 27%). A demolition job by any measure.

How different it felt watching in real time. When Emma Raducanu served for the match, she went a break point down (twice!). With tension rising in my body, I found myself thinking: “If she loses this point, they’re back on serve and it’s 50:50 who wins the set. And, if she loses the set, it’s 50:50 who wins the match. THIS IS SO CLOSE!!”

With hindsight, I now feel utterly ashamed of myself. Not just for doubting the Queen of Queens. But for getting my maths so wrong. Having a 50:50 chance of winning, followed by another 50:50, if you don’t win the first time: that’s 75:25 in your favour.

I need to learn to relax more when I watch tennis. 😦

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